IMPACT - The Virtual Guest Lecture Series

About IMPACT - Objectives

IMPACT – The Virtual Leadership Talk Series
In the current times where change is the only constant, it was imperative to adapt and evolve our avenues of interaction with the corporates. The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee initiated our prestigious ‘IMPACT’ Virtual Leadership Talk Series wherein industry stalwarts and business leaders from across domains and sectors interact with the students via webinars on engaging and insightful topics of their expertise.

A culmination of inputs from Industry Stalwart and curiosity from the students is what it takes to prepare for facing the corporate world of tomorrow. These virtual interactions were aimed at stimulating an environment for integrating thought leadership as a part of the pedagogy of our Institute. Business leaders and Senior Alumni of the institute participated in the launched in July 2020.

Objectives of IMPACT Series

  1. Interaction with the Industry Stalwarts to understand the ever-changing dynamics of the business world.
  2. To discuss and dissect challenging business problems being faced by global firms.
  3. Faculty Interaction to discuss curriculum, case studies across various management functions.
  4. To strengthen the association with corporates by acting as a platform for interaction.