This is to inform that IIFT will not be able to commence MBA(IB) 2023-25 programme at GIFT City in AY 2023-24 as the UGC approval is still awaited. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

Research Projects and Consultancy

Promote India as Sourcing Destination

List of Research Projects
  Sl No.   Title   Year   Status
  1     Study on Formulation of New Financial Assistance Scheme for the Period 2020-2025     2020     Published  
  2     Study of Rationalization of Export Promotion Councils      2019     Published  
  3     Trading Across Borders Observers Report on Trading Across Borders in India (JNPT & Mundra)     2018     Published  
  4     Developing a Detailed Project Report for Setting up a Centre of Excellence in International Business and Trade Analytics at FDDI, Bannur     2018     Published  
  5     Challenges and Strategies to Promote India as a Sourcing Destination     2018     Published  
  6     Study for Comparing Performance of the PSUs (STC, MMTC & PEC) in common activities     2015     Published  
  7     A Study for Development of Suitable Criteria to Monitor Reasonable Correlation between Implementation of Infrastructure Projects under Central Component of ASIDE Scheme and Increase in Exports from Projects      2014     Published  
  8     Strategy Paper for Allocation of Funds to Commercial Wings of Indian Missions Abroad under Market Expansion Activities for the Financial Year 2012-13 (along with Appendix Tables)      2012     Published  
  9     Setting up a Coastal Waterway Connecting North Kerala to South Kerala     2012     Published  
  10     Evaluation of Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme     2012     Published  
  11     Study on Sustainability of Handicraft Clusters (Category II) under AHVY Compendium of Executive Summaries of Cluster Reports (Vol. I + II)     2012     Published  
  12     Study on Sustainability of AHVY Clusters who have completed three year of project but have not completed five years of project period as on 30.9.2010 (Category II) Handicraft Cluster (60 Clusters Report)     2011     Published  
  13     Setting up of Warehouse in the Free Trade Zones of Iran     2010     Published  
  14     Dual Use Industries and Security Concerns: An Indian Standpoint     2010     Published  
  15     A Comparative Study of Promotional Incentives and Policies of China and India in the Engineering Sector     2010     Published  
  16     CAPEXIL Strategic Plan 2009     2009     Published  
  17     A Study on Evaluation of the Export Promotion Councils (EPC)     2009     Published  
  18     Evaluation of Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme      2009     Published  
  19     Compendium on Technology Exports (An Illustrative Compilation of Exported & Exportable Technologies from India)     2007     Published  
  20     Report on Financial Control Systems for Export Inspection Council (EIC) and Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs)     2005     Published  
  21     Feasibility of Export by the FCI      2004     Published  
  22     Restructuring of Visvesvaraya Industrial Trade Centre (VITC)     2004     Published  
  23     Compendium on Technology Exports (An Illustrative Compilation of Exported & Exportable Technologies from India     2004     Published  
  24     Enhancement of PEC's Brand Image in Developing Countries     2004     Published  
  25     A Compendium on Institutions Offering Management Education, Courses Offered & Structure in Indian Ocean Rim Countries (IORAG)     2002     Published  
  26     A Study on Marketing Audit of India International Trade Fair 2002 (ITPO)     2002     Published  
  27     Study on Peer Review of Export Inspection Council (EIC) and Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs)     2002     Published  
  28     Compendium on Technology Exports (A compilation of select exported & exportable technologies from India     2001     Published  
  29     Foreign Direct Investment in India: A Report on Position, Dynamism and Impact      2001     Published  
  30     Enhancing International Trade and Investment Role of NRIs/PIOs (MEA)     2001     Published  
  31     Handbook on the Guidelines and Rules Pertaining to the Export of Non-Conventional Energy Products, Services and Technologies      2001     Published  
  32     A Study on Foreign Direct Investment      2000     Published  
  33     Advantage India     2000     Published  
  34     Trade-Environment Linkages (The Issues from Indian Standpoint)     1999     Published  
  35     A Compendium on Technology Exports from India     1999     Published  
  36     A Compendium and Analysis of Global Policy Measures for Accelerating Technology Exports     1999     Published  
  37     Study on Policies & Incentives for consultants in various countries.     1999     Published  
  38     Study on Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Small Scale Industry in India     1999     Published  
  39     Trade Projections(Based on Annual and Quarterly Data)     1999     Published  
  40     India?s Trade Policy Reforms (An Assessment)     1999     Published