Message from the Head

From the Head

The concept of International Collaboration and Capacity Development was concived few years ago. It was felt necessary that IIFT should evolve itself to be a globally networked institution. Such a focus was well reflected in the Vision and Mission statements of the Institute.

The ICCD Division was formally set up about 16 years ago. The objective were that IIFT should harness the best practices in Management Education from leading Business Schools on one hand, and on the other hand, help the other developing countries to strengthen their economies through quality education in the external sector. In collaboration with partner institutions, the ICCD division aims to foster scholarly and social engagements between students, and faculty across the globe. By engaging in these activities, we hope to share knowledge regarding best research practices, teaching, and learning experiences, and an understanding of business practices and conventions in various countries, as well as how global business operations are impacted by social, political, economic, and cultural factors.

This publication is a collation of the activities which IIFT Faculty members have collectively undertaken and their achievements. The journey though has been painstaking but heartening as well. It is our goal to continue learning and benefit from each other through these external engagements, and based on our established trust and respect, we anticipate that these engagements will naturally lead to collaborative knowledge creation and dissemination in the near future. We invite all to join us in expanding this network.

Dr. Sheeba Kapil
Professor and Head (ICCD & Journal)