Research Projects and Consultancy

Product Industry and Service Related Export Potential Studies

List of Research Projects
  Sl No.   Title   Year   Status
  1     Study on COVID-19- Challenges, opportunity & threat for Indian Handicraft Exports: An Impact Assessment      Ongoing     Published  
  2     Study on Impact of Special Package on Exports of Apparel and Made-up- MoT     Ongoing     Published  
  3     Third Party Evaluation of Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme     2021     Published  
  4     Study on Impact of Special Package on Exports of Apparel and Made-up     2021     Published  
  5     Analysis of Domestic Supply vs. Imported Raw Bamboo Sticks for Agarbatti     2020     Published  
  6     Roadmap and strategies to promote export of dairy products for the organised dairy sector     2020     Published  
  7     Study on India's Import from China: An Analysis of Impact on Indian Manufacturing Sector      2019     Published  
  8     Case Analysis of Bamboo Aggravate Domestic Manufacturing versus Imports     2019     Published  
  9     Impact of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) on the Indian Copper Industry     2018     Published  
  10     Development of Marketing Strategy for Promotion of Handloom Exports     2018     Published  
  11     Export Management & Compliance Manual for HPCL     2017     Published  
  12     Study of Coir Exports Sustainability in the context of Coir Fibre Scarcity for Exporters     2016     Published  
  13     Study on Impact of FTAs on Chemicals and Petrochemicals Sectors     2016     Published  
  14     Implication of Free Trade Agreement and other Trade Issues on Indian Chemical and Petrochemical Sector      2016     Published  
  15     Pilot Survey on International Trade In Education Services in India at Graduate Level (with Appendix Table)     2015     Published  
  16     Trade Liberalisation and Employment Effects in Indian Manufacturing: An Empirical Assessment (PEP)     2014     Published  
  17     Project Survey Report on Indian Accountancy Sector ? Potential to become Global Hub     2013     Published  
  18     Pilot Survey on International Trade in Education Sector     2013     Published  
  19     Assessing the Implication of Trade Liberalization of Agricultural Products: Focus FTA's (ToR- I, II, III, IV, V & VI)     2012 (II&III) 2012 (IV) 2013 (V & VI)     Published  
  20     Analysis of Export Performance of Handicrafts by Vietnam     2011     Published  
  21     Assessment of Export Potential of Non-Wood Forest Products     2011     Published  
  22     Market Study of Indian Coir Products in Europe     2010     Published  
  23     Declining Trends in Exports of Handicrafts of India     2010     Published  
  24     Possibilities of Synergizing Textiles & Clothing Value Chain among SAARC Countries     2009     Published  
  25     Pre-Feasibility Study for Setting up Steel, Cement and Power Plant in Select African Countries      2009     Published  
  26     A Study on Enhancing Competitiveness of Unregistered Manufacturing Units     2009     Published  
  27     Appreciation of Indian Rupee : Impact on Indian Handicrafts Exports     2008     Published  
  28     SPS/TBT Type of Technical Barriers to Trade Faced by Indian Food Product Exporters     2006     Published  
  29     Global Challenges for Indian Food Processing Sector - Vol. I&II     2005     Published  
  30     Measures for Fair Protection of Indian Food Processing Sector Vol. I&II     2005     Published  
  31     Impact Assessment of Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers on Jute and Related Products.     2005     Published  
  32     India Cotton and Textile Industries (Reforming to Compete)     2003     Published  
  33     Contents of the ENVIS Website on Environmental Services (International Trade and Environment)     2003     Published  
  34     India's External Trade in Agriculture (Paper Prepared Under the Millennium Study)     2002     Published  
  35     A Study on Technology Intensive Exports from India (Based on Delegation Reports)     2002     Published  
  36     A Study on Policies and Incentives for Accelerating Technology Intensive Exports     2002     Published  
  37     Medium Term Plan for Tobacco Exports from India and Strategies for the Next Five Years     2002     Published  
  38     Export Competitiveness and the Market for Textiles     2001     Published  
  39     Export Competitiveness of Select Agro Products of India Vol. I, II & III.     2001     Published  
  40     NIC Code Numbers for Selected Products ? ITPO     2001     Published  
  41     Report on Software Export Industry in India     2000     Published  
  42     Export of Small Scale Sector Products to Select Countries (Egypt, Germany, Iran, Libya and Vietnam)     2000     Published  
  43     Export Marketing Strategy for Selected Handicrafts in Germany, USA & Saudi Arabia     2000     Published  
  44     Marine Products in China Republic Korea and Taiwan (Export opportunities for India)     2000     Published  
  45     INFORMAL SECTOR Contribution to India's Exports (A Quantitative Evaluation) SEWA     1999     Published  
  46     Opening up of Indian Agriculture (Implications for Food Security)     1999     Published  
  47     Exports of Engineering, Projects and consultancy Services: Opportunities and Challenges for India     1999     Published  
  48     Study on Long-Term Policy for Accelerating Agricultural Exports     1999     Published  
  49     Scanning Global and Domestic Developments in Agriculture     1999     Published  
  50     India's Commodity Exports A Post- Uruguay Round Appraisal     1999     Published