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Research Projects and Consultancy

Trade Negotiations & Agreements

List of Research Projects
  Sl No.   Title   Year   Status
  1     Study on Potential Gains from India EU Limited Trade Agreement: An Ex Ante Evaluation      2021     Published  
  2     WTO-consistency of the revised MNRE Office Memorandum No. 283/54/2018-GRID SOLAR dated 2 January 2019 and titled ?Approved Models and Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic Modules Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2019?.     2019-20     Published  
  3     Interpretation of the term ?traditional staple food crops? in Bali Ministerial Decision on Public Stockholding for Food Security.     2019-20     Published  
  4     WTO-consistency of the Purchase Preference Policy (PPP) for 102 drugs procured from five Pharma Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and their subsidiaries by way of Government Procurement.     2019-20     Published  
  5     Analyzing the WTO consistency of the ?Policy for providing preference to Domestically Manufactured Iron & Steel Product?.     2019-20     Published  
  6     Study on the WTO compatibility of the United States? support to the farm sector.     2019-20     Published  
  7     Analysis of the suggestions put forth by Brazil and Australia and Japan on the impasse related to appointments to the Appellate Body.     2019-20     Published  
  8     Analyzing the WTO-consistency of Clause 10(d) of the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017.     2019-20     Published  
  9     Proposed Structure of APTA Agreement on Trade in Services.     2019-20     Published  
  10     Analysis of FTAs/RTAs by India and other global FTAs regarding taxation measures.     2019-20     Published  
  11     Reformulation of certain provisions in the Chapter on Movement of Natural Persons in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.     2019-20     Published  
  12     Legal Strategy Document and Roadmap for India And Chile Trade Negotiations     2019-20     Published  
  13     Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Trade in Services Summary of Analysis of Japan?s Offers.     2019-20     Published  
  14     Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Trade in Services Analysis of RCEP Offers of Thailand.     2019-20     Published  
  15     Comparative analysis of GATS and India?s Model Text on Trade in Services and Movement of Natural Persons in furtherance of Trade Policy Division?s approach in services negotiations     2019     Published  
  16     Comparative analysis of Peru?s obligations under the Chapter on Trade in Services under Peru?s Free Trade Agreements     2019     Published  
  17     Analysis of best practices in e-commerce ecosystems in China, US and EU.     2018     Published  
  18     Optimal approach to CEPA negotiations when a BIT/FIPA/BIPA exists     2018     Published  
  19     Assessment of Buy-American Laws- United States and the use of Zeroing in Administrative Reviews     2018     Published  
  20     Regarding India?s rejection of European Union?s Request for Consultation ? DS 541     2018     Published  
  21     Quick Study on E-Commerce eco-systems in China, US and EU     2018     Published  
  22     Preparation of the Indian Nationals Standards Strategy     2018     Published  
  23     Preparation of India?s Proposal for 8th Triennial Review of the Operation and implementation of the TBT Agreement     2018     Published  
  24     Study on e-Commerce regulatory framework of China, United States and European Union     2018     Published  
  25     Analysis of the architecture of the proposed text of Chapter on Cross-Border Trade in Services in the ongoing India-Canada CEPA negotiations     2018     Published  
  26     Analysis of EU?s proposals on WTO reforms     2018     Published  
  27     Analysis of Customs Moratorium on Electronic Transmissions in Regional Trade Agreements     2018     Published  
  28     Study on EU subsidy scheme     2018     Published  
  29     Analysis of Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017 ? framed in pursuance of the BIS Rules, 1987     2018     Published  
  30     Analysis and questions for various models that may be adopted by the UK upon its exit from European Union to regulate its trade with European Union and analysis of the UK?s Withdrawal Agreement and UK?s AG?s report on the Agreement     2018     Published  
  31     India-Peru Service Negotiations ? List of Peru?s Service Agreements     2018     Published  
  32     Affirming and incorporating WTO Agreements in India?s Free Trade Agreements and Regional Trade Agreements     2018     Published  
  33     Comparative analysis of Bilateral and Multilateral frameworks for Investments     2018     Published  
  34     Buying agency services-Seeking clarity in categorization as ?Exporter of Services? and Exemption from GST in lieu of Exports     2018     Published  
  35     Application of the India-Australia DTAA to the offshore revenues of the Indian IT companies     2018     Published  
  36     Impact of the possible Plurilateral Arrangements in the World Trade Organisation     2017     Published  
  37     Trade Impact of WP29 on India: An Analysis of Possible Effects of Adopting the 1958 Agreement      2017     Published  
  38     WTO and Shrinking Policy Space for Food Security: Issues and Challenges for China     2016-17     Published  
  39     WTO and its implications for India and China: Food security vs Naked Commercial Interest     2016-17     Published  
  40     India?s Agricultural Imports: Under the Shadow of Free Trade Agreements     2016-17     Published  
  41     Mega Trading Blocs: Is Time Ripe for ASEAN?SAARC FTA?     2016-17     Published  
  42     Is Indian Machinery Industry Better Integrated into Global Value Chains vis???vis Other Asian Economies?     2016-17     Published  
  43     India?s Textiles and Clothing Industry in Global Value Chains and its Linkages with Other Asian Countries     2016-17     Published  
  44     EC's SPS and TBT Notifications on Endocrine Disruptors and Market Access Implications: Case of India's Exports     2016-17     Published  
  45     India?s Trade with BRICS and the World: Implications on Skill and Technology Content     2016-17     Published  
  46     ECs Endocrine Disruptors Notifications to WTO and its Market Access Implications: Case of India?s Exports     2016-17     Published  
  47     Inputs for Joint Study Group on India?Peru Trade Agreement Report     2016-17     Published  
  48     Outline on LAC Strategies ? Based on Merchandise Trade Trends (2003 to 2015)     2016-17     Published  
  49     Inputs on Outline of Rules of Origin in the Context of RCEP Negotiations     2016-17     Published  
  50     US Imports Refusals of Agricultural Products and its Impact on Firm Participation: Case of India?s Corporate Firms     2016-17     Published  
  51     Protectionism on the Rise Across the World     2016-17     Published  
  52     Compiled Trade Policy Review questions for six prominent countries like the USA, UAE, China, Singapore, Japan and Mexico     2016-17     Published  
  53     Exploring PTAs to Enhance India's Exports     2016-17     Published  
  54     Coherent Approach to Trade and Regulation of Services: Lessons from India     2016-17     Published  
  55     BREXIT and India     2016-17     Published  
  56     Factual Inconsistencies in Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI) for India     2016-17     Published  
  57     puts on Services for RCEP Negotiations     2016-17     Published  
  58     India?s Agriculture Trade with African Countries     2015-16     Published  
  59     Analysis of Agriculture Support Programmes of USA     2015-16     Published  
  60     Implications of Multilateral Obligations on Trade in Electronic Commerce     2015-16     Published  
  61     Trade Secret Protection in India: The Policy Debate     2015-16     Published  
  62     Submission on UN Secretary General?s High Level Panel on Access to Medicine     2015-16     Published  
  63     Research Support for RCEP Negotiations     2015-16     Published  
  64     Comprehensive Analysis of TPP Agreement     2015-16     Published  
  65     Foreign Exchange Implications of Outward FDI: A Case Study of Indian Firm Level Investments     2015-16     Published  
  66     Research support for India?s effective participation in permanent solution for the issue of public stock-holding for food security     2014-15     Published  
  67     Research support for India?s effective participation in post-Bali Work Programme of the WTO     2014-15     Published  
  68     Research support for India?s agriculture notification to the WTO     2014-15     Published  
  69     Detailed examination of agriculture subsidy schemes of US     2014-15     Published  
  70     Multi-country study (15 countries) on food security schemes in developing countries     2014-15     Published  
  71     WTO and domestic support under US Farm Act 2014: Implications for developing countries     2014-15     Published  
  72     Blue box support to agriculture sector under WTO regime: A critical analysis of Doha Development Round, paper presented at the Tenth International Annual Conference, APEA, July 2014, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand     2014-15     Published  
  73     Implications of new approaches to NAMA negotiations     2014-15     Published  
  74     An analysis of intra industry trade in environmental goods: A case study of BRICS countries, paper presented at University of Parma in the Seminar on the BRICS group in the spotlight: An interdisciplinary approach at Aula dei Filosofi (November 2014).     2014-15     Published  
  75     Impact of trade liberalization under the information technology agreement (ITA) on Asian electronics and electrical machinery industries: A case study of India, paper presented at Tenth Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Economic Association (APEA), Bangkok (July 2014)     2014-15     Published  
  76     Tourism services in India: Issues, interest and challenges     2014-15     Published  
  77     Study on classification of new services in the WTO     2014-15     Published  
  78     Utilizing market access commitments in India?s FTAs     2014-15     Published  
  79     Position paper on ?Collective Request Pursuant to the Bali Decision on the Operationalization of the Waiver Concerning Preferential Treatment to Services and Service Suppliers of Least Developed Countries?     2014-15     Published  
  80     Detailed research on graduation of countries from Annex VII of the ASCM     2014-15     Published  
  81     Elimination of Export Subsidies: Concerns for India     2014-15     Published  
  82     Examination of Public Interest in Anti-dumping Investigations: Need for fresh thinking     2014-15     Published  
  83     India?s Agricultural Exports and United States Sanitary and other Regulatory Measures: Special Focus on Exports in Spices and Vegetable Products from Maharashtra and Gujarat     2014-15     Published  
  84     SPS Measures based Refusals in Agriculture Products Exported to United States: Impact of Refusals by the FDA of United States on BRIICS Countries     2014-15     Published  
  85     Non-violation complaints under TRIPS Agreement     2014-15     Published  
  86     Research support for India?s effective participation in RCEP negotiations     2014-15     Published  
  87     India joining APEC: Opportunities and threats     2014-15     Published  
  88     Bogor Goals and Osaka Action Agenda: A comparative study of laws and practices in India and select APEC economies     2014-15     Published  
  89     Assessing the impact of TPP negotiations by using CEG modelling     2014-15     Published  
  90     Impact of tariff elimination between BRICS and Next 11 countries: A GTAP analysis     2014-15     Published  
  91     India?s Free Trade Agreement: A quantitative study     2014-15     Published  
  92     Deepening research on global value chains, particularly from the perspective of RCEP in GVCs     2014-15     Published  
  93     Ensuring India's Energy Security: Preparation of a Matrix of Energy and Fertilizer Products and Identifying Export Opportunities to Finance the Imports {African Region, Asia & Pacific Region, CIS Region, Europe, North America and Latin American & the Caribbean}     2014     Published  
  94     Research support for India?s effective participation in Bali Ministerial Conference with reference to the proposal on public stockholding for food security purposes     2013-14     Published  
  95     Brief paper exploring legal options for incorporating the Trade Facilitation Agreement in the WTO family of agreements     2013-14     Published  
  96     Continued relevance of Single Undertaking for developing countries     2013-14     Published  
  97     Do WTO concepts need a change in the light of Network Trade?     2013-14     Published  
  98     Role of Geographical Indications in improving distributional impact of agricultural products in Global Value Chains     2013-14     Published  
  99     Analysis of OECD - WTO input-output database for deepening understanding of Network Trade     2013-14     Published  
  100     Distribution of gains from Global Value Chains: A Preliminary Analysis     2013-14     Published  
  101     Detailed research on various aspects of India?s participation in Global Value Chains     2013-14     Published  
  102     Trade and Competition Policy Linkages in the WTO Context     2013-14     Published  
  103     Relationship between Exchange Rate and International Trade: Role of WTO and IMF     2013-14     Published  
  104     Issues related to Health Security and International Trade     2013-14     Published  
  105     India?s Duty-Free Tariff Preference Scheme: Experience of four years of implementation     2013-14     Published  
  106     Deepening research on impact of FTAs with focus on Indo-Korea and Indo-Japan FTAs     2013-14     Published  
  107     Research support for India?s participation in EFTA negotiations     2013-14     Published  
  108     Growing e-commerce in India : Regulatory issues and challenges     2013-14     Published  
  109     Classification issues in IT and Telecommunication services     2013-14     Published  
  110     Concept paper on Currency Swap Agreements     2013-14     Published  
  111     BRICS and Global Economy     2013-14     Published  
  112     Prospects of India-Peru FTA     2013-14     Published  
  113     Prospects of India-Colombia FTA     2013-14     Published  
  114     Prospects of India-Mexico FTA     2013-14     Published  
  115     Monitoring of trade and economic policies of Brazil, China, EU, Japan, Russia and US     2013-14     Published  
  116     Updating developments and analysis of TPP Agreement negotiations     2013-14     Published  
  117     Research support for Ramesh Chand Committee on India?s agriculture notifications to the WTO     2013-14     Published  
  118     Research support for Task Force for Trade in Local Currencies     2013-14     Published  
  119     Research support for Technical Group on Data on Trade in Services     2013-14     Published  
  120     Certain issues of relevance for India under the ASCM (Export competitiveness and graduation from Annex VII)     2013-14     Published  
  121     APEC List on Environmental Goods: Analysis based on RCAs     2013-14     Published  
  122     WTO Compatibility of potential US Priority Foreign Country Identification of India: An examination of options     2013-14     Published  
  123     Study on the Destination Specific Elasticity of Demand for Top 10 Commodity Groups Exported to Top 10 Countries having Trade Surplus and Trade Deficit     2013     Published  
  124     Stimulating manufacturing sector in India in a WTO consistent manner through local content requirement     2012-13     Published  
  125     BRICS: Likely impact of FTA     2012-13     Published  
  126     Analysis of India?s trade in pharmaceutical sector with reference to imports from China     2012-13     Published  
  127     Jurisprudence on SPS Agreement (in the context of dispute raised by the US on Avian Flu)     2012-13     Published  
  128     Possible Bilateral Agreement on Trade in Services between India and Chile: Prospects and Implications     2012-13     Published  
  129     Possible Bilateral Agreements on Trade in Services between India and Peru, Colombia and Panama: Prospects and Implications     2012-13     Published  
  130     Relationship between exchange rate and international trade : Can currency misalignment be countervailed     2012-13     Published  
  131     Impact of ITA in India?s IT sector     2012-13     Published  
  132     Trade and Climate Change Linkages     2012-13     Published  
  133     Impact of India?s FTAs     2012-13     Published  
  134     Analysis of subsidies to renewable energy sector provided by developed countries     2012-13     Published  
  135     International Services Agreement: Analysis of key proposals     2012-13     Published  
  136     EU-US Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Agreement Negotiations: Likely implications for India     2012-13     Published  
  137     Industry Stakeholders Consultation on India-Israel FTA     2011     Published  
  138     Bilateral Investment Flows & Potential Opportunities in Select South Asian Countries     2011     Published  
  139     Study on India's Export Potential of AYUSH Products with SAARC and ASEAN Countries     2010     Published  
  140     Declaration on Cooperation in Trade in Traditional Medicines in SAARC Nations     2010     Published  
  141     Comprehensive Economic Cooperation between India and Israel: Negotiating Stands for India in Good Sector     2010     Published  
  142     Assessing the Feasibility of India-Iran FTA     2010     Published  
  143     India's Regional Trade Agreements: Impact on Indian Economy     2010     Published  
  144     Study on Need and Feasibility of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) between India and the EAC Community     2010     Published  
  145     India-Sri Lanka FTA and its implications: Experience of Select Indian Industries     2009     Published  
  146     Export Prospects for Indian Agricultural Products (Sri Lanka India FTA: Trade in Agricultural Products and India-Asean Trade in Agricultural Products)     2009     Published  
  147     Need and Feasibility of India's Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Jordan (alongwith Appendix)     2009     Published  
  148     Barriers to India's Services Exports and Outbound Investment     2009     Published  
  149     India-Canada Free Trade Agreements: Challenges & Opportunities     2009     Published  
  150     Indo-ASEAN FTA: Concern for West Bengal     2008     Published  
  151     Need and Feasibility of India?s Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Israel     2008     Published  
  152     Gauging Potential of India?s FTA with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)     2008     Published  
  153     India-Mexico Economic Cooperation: Challenges & Opportunities      2008     Published  
  154     India ? SACU PTA     2008     Published  
  155     An Analysis of Automobile Industry in Select Asian Countries: Comparison of Production, Trade and Market Structure     2007     Published  
  156     Harnessing India's Economic Potential in China: Strategies for Cooperation and Synergy     2006     Published  
  157     Compilation of WTO-TBT Notifications Issued During 2001, 2002 & 2003 in Select Sectors - AUTOMOBILE & ANCILLARY SECTOR     2005     Published  
  158     Compilation of WTO-TBT Notifications Issued During 2001, 2002 & 2003 in Select Sectors - FOOD SECTOR: PROCESSED AND PACKAGED FOOD     2005     Published  
  159     Compilation of WTO-TBT Notifications Issued During 2001, 2002 & 2003 in Select Sectors - PHARMACEUTICALS, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE SECTOR     2005     Published  
  160     Compilation of WTO-TBT Notifications Issued During 2001, 2002 & 2003 in Select Sectors - FERTILISER, CHEMICAL AND PESTICIDES SECTOR     2005     Published  
  161     Impact of the European Union's Enlargement on Indian Exports     2004     Published  
  162     A Study of the Implications of EU and US GSP Rules of Origin on Indian Textiles and Clothing Sector     2003     Published  
  163     WTO Compatibility of Export Promotion Scheme of the State of Uttar Pradesh      2002     Published  
  164     Intra and Inter-Sub Regional Cooperation for Enhanced Trade and Investment Flows in the Context of Developments in South Asia     2002     Published  
  165     A Research Study on WTO Agreement on Agriculture     2002     Published  
  166     Analysis of Desirability and Assessment of Benefit of a Bilateral Free Trade Agreement between India and Morocco     2002     Published  
  167     Preferential Tariff Agreement Between India and South Africa     2002     Published  
  168     Study on AFTA-India Linkages for the Enhancement of Trade and Investment (Confidential)     2001     Published  
  169     Re-Negotiation of the Bangkok Agreement     2001     Published  
  170     Study on Promotion of India's Trade with Sub-Saharan African Countries     2001     Published  
  171     China's Accession to Bangkok Agreement (India's Negotiating Strategy)     2001     Published  
  172     Bilateral Trading Agreement Between India and South Africa     2001     Published  
  173     Analysis of the Desirability of a Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Egypt     2001     Published  
  174     Desirability of India's Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Chile     2001     Published  
  175     India's Export Potential to Mercosur Countries Vol.1 & II.     2001     Published  
  176     India's Export Potential in Pharmaceutical Products in Select African Countries (FICCI)     2001     Published  
  177     Export Potential of Table Egg in Dubai & Kuwait     2001     Published  
  178     Desirability of Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Select Countries Vol. 1&2     2000     Published  
  179     Islamic Republic of Iran's ? Trade and Investment Policy     2000     Published  
  180     Non-Tariff Measures in Force in the Major Trading Partners of India(MOC)     1999     Published  
  181     The Implications of Lifting Export Restrictions in Agriculture     1999     Published  
  182     Non-Tariff Measures on India?s Exports (An Assessment) Prepared for ESCAP     1999     Published